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Thursday May 31st, 2007

Performance Art Event
at Offthemapgallery
712 Lansdowne Avenue

7pm and free


The Latino-Canadian Cultural Association (LCCA) cordially invites you to share with our artists in the opening of our multidisciplinary festival titled the Latin - Afro Fest.
This festival presents around 120 artists working in their respective disciplines: music, dance, spoken word, video and DJs.

The festival will take place on May 25th and June 2nd, 2007 at the El Mocambo, June 1st at Supermarket. and May 31st at the OFFTHEMAPGALLERY in Toronto.
LCCA is a non-profit organization created by and for Latin American artists and cultural workers in Canada. Its inception reflects the need to reinforce and cement our cultural endeavors as well as to stimulate and support these processes by creating a progressive dialogue with other communities within the greater Canadian context.
The Latin - Afro Fest is a 4-day contemporary multidisciplinary festival that shows the fusion between the different cultures and roots of the Latin American and African artists involved and the influence of the multicultural society where they work and reside. The artists' starting point is their own cultural background and experiences, going through the discovery first, and then the sharing of other cultures, to finally, develop and transform them into a new and original product.

Most of the artists involved take one or two cultures that are integrated into their own to develop their own and unique vision of the Canadian context.
Latin American art and culture have received many influences from different cultures all over the centuries. Just to name, for example, the African influence in music over Salsa, Merengue, Brazilian Samba, Uruguayan Candombe and Cuban music (the son). Also over the visual arts that is evident in Brazil, all the Caribbean and Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru.

To make African and Latin American artists aware of each other contemporary culture is a two way approach, specially in the Canadian Multicultural society, to know each other and introduce new elements in their art forms. In relation to the professional arts community, this event shows the collaboration between artists from Africa and Latin America. Many of the participants have invited Canadian artists to be involved in their projects influencing each other's visions.

This festival is made possible thanks to Grants awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. The Grant from the Toronto Arts Council was awarded to CANORAA for this Festival.
The LCCA is functioning as a presenter of Latin American artists working professionally in Canada. This third multidisciplinary festival presents high quality artists within their different disciplines.

It will be a great pleasure for us to count with your presence in our first festival of the year.
For more information about the Festival or LCCA please feel free to contact:

Ulysses Castellanos – Festival Artistic Director, 416-833-9521

Alejandro Freeland - Executive Director, 416-531-4149

Amelia Jimenez – Visual Arts Curator, 416- 534-3346


Friday May 25, Saturday June 2nd 2007
El Mocambo
464 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5T2G8
Hours: 9:00 P.M. to 2:30 A.M
Tel: (416) 968-2001

Friday June 1st, 2007
268 Augusta Avenue just south of College Street, Toronto, ON
Hours: 9:00 P.M. to 2:30 A.M
Tel: (416) 416-840-0501

Thursday May 31st, 2007
712 Lansdowne Avenue
The Back Building, Toronto, ON, M6H 3Y8
Tel: (416) 642 2113

For more information contact
Antonia at: 416 642 2113


712 Lansdowne Avenue
The Back Building
Toronto, Canada M6H 3Y8
416 642 2113

Gallery Hrs:

April 6 (opening reception) - 15: midnight - 8 am
April 16 (performance event) - 25: 8 am - 4 pm
April 26 (performance event) - May 5: 4 pm - midnight



From the Bloor/Lansdowne
subway station, walk north to Wallace
and then another halfblock. It is on the
WEST side in the back building of
a yellow storefront. NOTE: ONLY USE
The east side numbers have no relationship
to the west side numbers.

Ana Silva & Michael Brown


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